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Welcome to Matthew's Foods Online, your ultimate destination for all your Chinese grocery needs. As a leading Chinese supermarket, we take pride in offering a diverse and extensive collection of authentic Chinese groceries and ingredients that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

We understand that the key to a delicious Chinese meal lies in the right combination of Sauces and Seasonings. That's why we offer an impressive selection of premium-quality sauces and seasonings to elevate your cooking game. From rich soy sauces and fragrant oyster sauces to flavorful spice blends and aromatic cooking wine like ShaoXing Rice Wine or Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, our Sauce & Seasoning collection is curated to help you create authentic Chinese flavours in your own kitchen.

Our Cooking Ingredients collection is a treasure trove for all aspiring Chinese chefs. We stock a wide range of cooking essentials, including dried mushrooms, dried seafood, bean curd, fermented tofu, and more. These ingredients add depth, umami, and complexity to your Chinese dishes, allowing you to recreate the authentic flavors of your favorite Chinese recipes right at home.

No Chinese meal is complete without the staple components of Rice & Noodles. At Matthew's Foods Online, we offer a diverse selection of premium-quality rice and noodles, including fragrant jasmine rice, sticky glutinous rice, fluffy basmati rice, and an array of noodles ranging from vermicelli to Chow Mein which caters to different culinary preferences and cooking styles, ensuring that you have the perfect foundation for your Chinese meals.

For those looking to satisfy their snack cravings or quench their thirst with authentic Chinese flavors, our Snacks & Drinks collection offers a wide range of popular Chinese snacks, such as crispy prawn crackers, savory roasted nuts, crispy seaweed, and traditional Chinese candies. You can also find a variety of drinks like fragrant green teas, aromatic black teas, and soothing herbal teas here at Matthew’s Foods Online which is perfect for pairing with your Chinese meals or enjoying on their own.

Matthew's Foods Online is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of Chinese groceries and ingredients. We work closely with trusted suppliers who share our passion for authenticity and quality, ensuring that you receive only the finest products when you shop with us. With our user-friendly online platform, you can easily browse through our extensive collection, place orders conveniently, and have them delivered right to your door, saving you time and effort.

As a dedicated Chinese supermarket, we are constantly updating our collection to bring you the best and latest Chinese grocery products. Our team of culinary experts is always on the lookout for new and exciting ingredients, flavours, and cooking techniques to help you elevate your Chinese culinary adventures to new heights. We take pride in being a trusted source for authentic Chinese groceries and ingredients, and we are committed to serving our customers with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Shop with us and experience the convenience and authenticity of a Chinese supermarket, right at your fingertips.
1602 products
Dried Plum (富森園 甘草梅皇)
O’SAY Filled Hawthorn 奧賽-爆漿山楂 | Matthew's Foods Online
O’SAY Filled Hawthorn 奧賽-爆漿山楂 | Matthew's Foods Online
Filled Hawthorn (奧賽-爆漿山楂)
XI DUO DUO Grass Jelly Ball Dessert 喜多多-仙草丸子 | Matthew's Foods Online
Grass Jelly Ball Dessert (喜多多 仙草丸子)
LOTTE Chaltteok Pie / Sweet Rice Cake Pie | Matthew's Foods Online
Chaltteok Pie / Sweet Rice Cake Pie
LEE CHEUNG WOO Rice Roll Premix 李祥和-腸粉預拌粉 | Matthew's Foods Online
Rice Roll Premix (李祥和 腸粉預拌粉)
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HLXS Spicy Squid 海狸先生-香辣魷魚仔 | Matthew's Foods Online
Spicy Squid (海狸先生 香辣魷魚仔)
HLXS Yellow Fish Crisp 海狸先生-黃魚酥 | Matthew's Foods Online
Yellow Fish Crisp (海狸先生 黃魚酥)
I MEI Crunchoco Hazelnut Cookie 義美-榛果巧克力酥片 | Matthew's Foods Online
Crunchoco - Hazelnut Cookie (義美 榛果巧克力酥片)
I MEI Crunchoco Almond Cookie Dark Chocolate 義美-杏仁巧克力酥片 | Matthew's Foods Online
I MEI Crunchoco Almond Cookie Milk Chocolate 義美-杏仁巧克力酥片 | Matthew's Foods Online
Crunchoco - Almond Cookie (義美 杏仁巧克力酥片)
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PANDA KID Filled Gummy Strawberry 熊仔-哞妮夾心軟糖 | Matthew's Foods Online
PANDA KID Filled Gummy Peach 熊仔-哞妮夾心軟糖 | Matthew's Foods Online
Filled Gummy (熊仔 哞妮夾心軟糖)
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SHEN DAN Cooked Salted Duck Eggs 神丹-咸鴨蛋 | Matthew's Foods Online
Cooked Salted Duck Eggs (神丹 咸鴨蛋)
WANG LAO JI Xixi-Guilinggao / Herbal Jelly Drink 王老吉-吸吸龜苓膏
Xixi-Guilinggao / Herbal Jelly Drink (王老吉 吸吸龜苓膏)
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